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School Start Screening Tool


I finished my master's thesis, with the title "School Start Screening Tool", in April 2021 by passing my defence about my thesis.

Abstract of the final thesis:
"Screenings to assess fundamental skills of children are around long before the introduction of the general compulsory school and are commonly used to determine if children have any special educational needs. These screenings consist out of different assignments and vary in their structure and processing time. The assessed skills usually are needed for the development of different competences like reading, mathematics or writing.

Based on the plan of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, a new screening should be introduced in the future to identify if children have a lack of skill in any educational area before entering school. This screening can be carried out in form of a paper-pencil version or with the help of a tablet computer in form of a mobile application.

The aim of this thesis is the development of the mentioned digital screening, in this thesis called "School Start Screening Tool", and its infrastructure, consisting out of a web application and a web server. The major goal was to find out how a tablet application for children at preschool age, without necessary skills in reading and writing, can be developed and how to design the application so that the children stay motivated for several minutes. Furthermore, the assignments, developed by the developmental psychologists, had to meet their different requirements and had to be wrapped within an interesting frame story for the children."

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Plattform Web and Android App
Number of assessed children (2020) more than 800
Number of assignment 9

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