Why I made this site?

I once started making this site to have a interactive resume to show when applying for a holiday job. Since then the website helped me to show more information about my skills, education and experiences the businesses which I applied, which had a positive impact. It also was a good practice for me how to make websites when I started studying computer science.

What is the purpose of this site?

Today the purpose of the website is to have a personal website, which I enhance and expand in my free time. I still mention the link to my website in every letter of application I send.

What is the website built with?

As I started making this site, the technologies I used were only simple HTML, CSS3 and later Javascript. Since then I used Wordpress for a very short time to publish my blog posts, but I kept using my own HTML, CSS and Javascript. Because I wanted to learn about other CMS than Wordpress I rewrote the website by using a light-weight CMS called Bolt, still using my own HTML, CSS and Javascript. For a more detailed look at the technologies I use: www.builtwith.com/paulkrassnig.at.

For more information, write today to contact@paulkrassnig.at.

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