Web developers and why they make it easy for hackers

27. September 2017 - Paul Krassnig

Web developers and why they make it easy for hackers

Web development companies mostly tend to use Content Management Systems (also known as CMS). These systems are of course a good choice to easy the work of developers, although this systems are made for people which don't know how to make a website. As the name of CMS's says the purpose of them are to add and manage content of websites. Mostly users have a big range of themes they can choose from, copy them easily to their own web space and can change their colors and details with a few clicks. Unfortunately these systems are also used by web development companies, which has the advantage of letting clients change their content by themselves without contacting their web developers every time. But this systems have big security issues which don't get fixed by companies which buy themes of other developers, add the content they get by their clients and sell the website after the deployment process to their customers. In September 2017 a study was made which can show us the importance of cyber security in Austria:

72% Of the sample were victims of cyber crimes in the last 12 months
36% Don't know which conse- quences the attack had
52% Know too little about Cyber Threat Intelligence

The worst thing about this study of KMPG is that 72% were attacked, 36% don't know the consequences of the attacks which is very frightening if we assume that password could be leaked or ransomware spread and 52% of companies don't even know how to protect their software and eventually the software of their customers from cyber attacks.

Diagram data referenced from www.kpmg.at/cyber study "Cyber Security in Österreich", September 2017

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